About us

The All Drinks are Equal campaign is brought to you by Diageo, a leading global producer of spirits and beer, and supported by the many workers and consumers impacted by unequal taxes and regulations.

We want to ensure equal opportunity to innovation and competition in the entire alcohol sector, and that consumers can enjoy their preferred drink based on informed choices. Diageo is committed to providing the necessary information, tools, and resources to make informed choices about drinking moderately. We recognise that responsible enjoyment of our brands stems from building knowledge and awareness around alcohol.

This is reinforced through our commitment to reach more than 1 billion people with messages of moderation and responsible drinking under the EU Code of Conduct for responsible business and marketing practices, and our pledge to champion the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are resolute in educating people on the risks of the harmful use of alcohol and in drinking responsibly.

We continue to promote positive drinking and help reduce alcohol-related harm through our responsible drinking initiative - DRINKiQ - which is available in 16 languages and aims to increase knowledge around alcohol and its impact on the body, and encourage responsible consumption.

As part of our commitment to encourage moderation and tackle misuse of alcohol, we point to the fact that All Drinks are Equal: A standard serve of beer, wine or a spirit drink contains the same amount of alcohol. Currently, beer, wine and spirits are not treated the same. This unequal treatment of spirits has negative consequences for consumers, distillers, retailers, and bar owners.

We want to change the way the world drinks, by celebrating moderation and empowering consumers to make more informed choices every day, everywhere.